Take Action! NC Conservation Network Calls for Action on Wind in NC

From Jessilyn Kemp of the North Carolina Conservation Network… Earlier this week we sent you an email about protecting the responsible development of wind energy in North Carolina. We have a quick update and another chance for you to take quick action: //ncconservationnetwork1.org/campaign/windmtns Senate Bill 1068 is essentially a good bill that the environmental community

Distributed Generation (Community-based energy)

The raging wind policy war in North Carolina exposes a vast gulf in understanding, and in limited cases, the inability to carry on a civil discourse to explore difference. This has a polarizing effect on the discourse and creates a blind spot for the third way– “distributed generation” or community-based renewable energy. Certainly some favor

Update on NC Senate 1068 – Wind Permitting in North Carolina

Thanks to a huge grassroots effort, the ban on windpower in the NC mountains has been averted, at least for the moment. By our count, AIRE and other groups were able to mobilize hundreds of calls and emails to senators over the 4th of July weekend. The senate Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources committee discussed

AIRE’s Steve Owen Speaks at Marsh Fork Elementary School Rally

“We think there is a way to create long-term, sustainable jobs so you can feed your families.” Steve Owen Executive Director, AIRE speaking directly to the Massey Energy counter-protestors On Tuesday, June 23, hundreds of people gathered at an anti-mountaintop removal coal mining rally at Marsh Fork Elementary School in West Virginia to protest the

Ged Moody Named Sustainability Director for Appalachian State University

“Given today’s economic and environmental realities, Appalachian has a tremendous opportunity to leverage its decades of leadership in the field of sustainability,” Moody said. “I want to create an environment that will educate every student at Appalachian about the virtues and methods of sustainability, and by doing so, position them to be the green leaders