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 The Burton St Center’s Solar Project by the Numbers

Development phase: seeking funders
Size: 36 kilowatts/kW
Yearly electricity produced: enough for 6 energy efficient homes
Solar system lifetime: 30+ years
Burton St Center’s total lifetime electricity savings: $60,000 – $80,000+
System value: $145,000
System cost paid by the Center: $0 – $5,000
Discount received by the Center: 95% – 100%

The Burton St Center’s 36 kW Solar Electric Project

The Burton Street Community Center of Asheville, North Carolina seeks to develop a 36 kilowatt (kW) solar electricity system using a unique public-private partnership model offered through the Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy (AIRE).

By harnessing this solar resource, the Burton Street Center will reduce operating costs and further its commitment to the sustainability.

You can help make this possible.

Here’s how: by making a charitable donation to AIRE, AIRE can purchase the Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs (what’s a REC ?), generated by the solar system during its first 6 years of operation. After its first six years of operation, the project is donated to the Burton Street Center and will continue to generate clean electricity for 20 or more years.

 I want to support this project by making a

Ninety individuals donating $5 per month, or $60 per year, for the next six years will provide the income necessary to make this $200,000 solar electric system a reality for Burton Street Center.

You can make Burton Street Center’s solar electric project happen by using AIRE’s secure PayPal web form to make your tax-deductible charitable donation. THANKS!

  * Have questions? Consult our Frequently Asks Questions (FAQ) HERE.

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