Electric Utilities to Congress: These Climate Laws for the United State Don’t Apply to Us, Right?

Well…Grist has done it again! Another down-to-earth assessment of the proposed climate change legislation presently brewing in Washington D.C. …and they’ve detected a not-so-surprising but oh-so-disturbing counter current in these negotiations: Electric Utilities, the largest polluters on the planet, want to remain exempt from the “fully accounted cost” of their externalities; i.e. we the rate

Solutions Journal’s Special Appalachia Issue

For those interested in sustainability and Appalachia, have a look at Solutions special Appalachia issue. Here’s what the Folks at Solutions Journal have to say about the issue: Together with a dynamic group of academics, business leaders, and activists—each living and working in Appalachia—Solutions will present a special issue dedicated to creating a brighter future

Will green energy and electric cars drive a new global climate change plan?

This from NOW on PBS…Home to a worldwide summit on climate change in early December, Denmark is setting a global example in creating clean power, storing it, and using it responsibly. Their reliance on wind power to produce electricity without contributing to global warming is well known, but now they’re looking to drive the point

On cheap energy and misinformation…

If your electricity comes from an electric membership corporation (a “cooperative” or EMC) chances are you’ve come across Find a Balanced Solution (//www.findabalancedsolution.com/). This is a national campaign to kill climate change legislation aimed at you through EMCs, such as Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation here in northwestern North Carolina. “Affordability” is their hot button,

Update on NC Senate 1068 – Wind Permitting in North Carolina

Thanks to a huge grassroots effort, the ban on windpower in the NC mountains has been averted, at least for the moment. By our count, AIRE and other groups were able to mobilize hundreds of calls and emails to senators over the 4th of July weekend. The senate Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources committee discussed

AIRE’s Steve Owen Speaks at Marsh Fork Elementary School Rally

“We think there is a way to create long-term, sustainable jobs so you can feed your families.” Steve Owen Executive Director, AIRE speaking directly to the Massey Energy counter-protestors On Tuesday, June 23, hundreds of people gathered at an anti-mountaintop removal coal mining rally at Marsh Fork Elementary School in West Virginia to protest the