Community Solar Power: Obstacles and Opportunities

If you’re curious about the community driven solar opportunity’s that exists for a renewable energy minded citizen or are wondering how different community developed solar models compare, have a look at the new report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), Community Solar Power: Obstacles and Opportunities. Here’s a brief summary of the report from

Electric Utilities to Congress: These Climate Laws for the United State Don’t Apply to Us, Right?

Well…Grist has done it again! Another down-to-earth assessment of the proposed climate change legislation presently brewing in Washington D.C. …and they’ve detected a not-so-surprising but oh-so-disturbing counter current in these negotiations: Electric Utilities, the largest polluters on the planet, want to remain exempt from the “fully accounted cost” of their externalities; i.e. we the rate

Lance Armstrong on the “Tour De Future” of His New Electric Car, The Nissan Leaf

Lance’s NEW car: The ALL ELECTRIC Nissan Leaf Watch the Interviews with Lance where he discusses his passion for electric vehicles at the links below: // //

Editorial by Steve Owen, Executive Director of AIRE: Haley Barbour, Tool of BP

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (right) “No one has more to loose on this well than BP.” That was Mississippi governor Haley Barbour’s parting comment on an NPR segment that I just happened to hear on June 29th. This was jaw dropping, but alas, disturbingly typical and uncritical. There couldn’t be a more perverse logic than

Solutions Journal’s Special Appalachia Issue

For those interested in sustainability and Appalachia, have a look at Solutions special Appalachia issue. Here’s what the Folks at Solutions Journal have to say about the issue: Together with a dynamic group of academics, business leaders, and activists—each living and working in Appalachia—Solutions will present a special issue dedicated to creating a brighter future

The Complete 11 Page Guide to Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credits

The Folks at GREENandSAVE have compiled an 11 page guide to renewable energy/energy efficiency Federal tax credits…money that can be used to pay for your Green dreams. Click the below link to thumb through this very fine resource: The Complete 11 Page Guide to Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credits

Will green energy and electric cars drive a new global climate change plan?

This from NOW on PBS…Home to a worldwide summit on climate change in early December, Denmark is setting a global example in creating clean power, storing it, and using it responsibly. Their reliance on wind power to produce electricity without contributing to global warming is well known, but now they’re looking to drive the point

Major Inaccuracies Found in the Nature Conservancy’s “Energy Sprawl” Report

This blog posted was cross posted from Appalachian Voices Front Porch Blog. Research and reporting by Appalachian Voices’ Dr. Matthew Wasson. As Congress was returning from the August recess, there wasn’t much news about the climate bill. The only energy-related news breaking through the coverage of the rancorous health care debates and town-hall tea parties