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4 Ways We the People Can Create a More Perfect Renewable Energy Union

For several years now, AIRE has been developing innovative approaches for rapidly financing and developing renewable energy, specifically solar energy, here in the Southeast. Apparently, some of the Folks over at Think Progress have been pondering this as well – in fact they’ve shared it with the entire Internet HERE. In the meantime, here’s a brief overview of their four recommendations.

  1. Streamline and make more affordable the “soft costs” for renewable energy development – things like permitting, siting and other incidental fees
  2. Allow renewable energy creators/entrepreneurs to put the electricity they generate on the grid – the interstate super highway system, farmer’s market and Internet of electricity
  3. Allow renewable energy creators/entrepreneurs to sell their electricity at its true/full market value, instead of the paltry sums they now get for their electricity when it is placed on the grid for the benefit of their neighbors and others
  4. Mandate that electric utilities shift their business models from the sale of electricity to the management and maintenance of their respective electricity transmission and distribution grids. Basically, the same business model that fueled – and is STILL fueling – the information technology, Internet, Cloud services and mobile device market revolutions

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