Distributed Generation vs Monopoly Utilities: WFAE Charlotte Talks

WFAE 90.7 Charlotte, NCHat’s off to Mike Collins and WFAE/Charlotte Talks for the debate that aired on Thursday, November 30th. Old foes Jim Warren of NC WARN and Duke Energy PR man Randy Wheeless meet again. Listen or watch the debate here.

Fracking, pipelines, hog waste, externalities, profits and “show me the money”…oh my.

I will publish a working paper soon that looks at a different way of framing this debate. Some of what I heard from the panelists on this show reveal fatal blind spots. That’s because they’re “experts” operating in a corporate bubble. Examples= “solar is complicated”… “nuclear is simple”…..”methane is renewable because pigs aren’t going away”….”methane leaks at frack wellheads isn’t on us (Duke) ’cause we just buy the stuff, and it’s cheap! and, yea, pipelines are cheaper than solar”… but the most alarming of all was the corporate primacy that couldn’t see (or hear Jim Warren repeatedly saying) that we ARE running out of time. Maybe things are complicated but there’s no sane reason to ignore the elephant in the room.

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