Climate Emergency, Politics and Con Jobs: Our Presidential Primary

Lately, I’ve heard people say that “Bloomberg is at least good on climate” in rationalizing their lesser-of-the evils hail mary impulses. That may be a fear-based reaction for supporting a plutocrat, but regardless of explanation, the claim is simply false. Joshua Frank’s piece on counterpunch, Bloomberg is a Climate Change Con Man, is a must read for anyone concerned about the state of climate and the politics that might fatefully tip it one way or the other.

Here’s Frank’s opening:

It’s an open secret in environmental circles that Michael Bloomberg is a climate change con man, and organizations like the Sierra Club that take hundreds of millions [link in original] in donations from the former New York City mayor to fight coal, are complicit in his fraudulent scheme to coopt the climate change movement for his own profit.

The problem is Bloomberg is a proponent of fracked natural gas, leaning on the “bridge-fuel” euphemism. The con man indictment comes from the fact that Bloomberg is heavily invested in natural gas and he loves pipelines. While he may have had a hand in reducing coal, he’s fanning the flames of fracked gas and another dangerous greenhouse gas- methane. Picking your poison isn’t a way out of the climate emergency.

Read and share Bloomberg is a Climate Change Con Man if you have any concern for our collective future.

UPDATE: The Intercept published a piece by Lee Fang 24 Feb., Bloomberg’s Investment Portfolio Includes Bets on Private Equity, Fracking that provides some fresh detail.

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