Asheville’s Bountiful Cities’ Pearson Community Garden Going Solar

Community gardens are an asset to any city. If growing good food is a good thing, then using solar to power the coolers that store the bounty and heat the greenhouses makes a lot of sense too. That’s what Pearson Garden in Asheville is doing. The community gardeners will gather together to help erect the racks that will hold the solar panels— in an old-fashioned barn raising. AIRE has donated the panels that it received via donation from Haynes Solar (thank you!) and they’re onsite and waiting for installation. But first, there’s more work to be done and you can help.

Here is their post, which reads in part:

AIRE’s Jeff Deal met Pearson’s Alex Bergdahl at the garden back in December to deliver the solar panels.

“Bountiful Cities is very excited to be moving towards renewable energy at the Pearson Garden this coming season! The Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy has donated solar panels and is working with us to get the garden on solar power, which will provide electricity for all of the shared community spaces, walk-in cooler, pavilion, and greenhouses.” While we have been able to get some of the resources donated for this project, there is still a lot to do.

You can sign up for a work day or to donate funds or materials HERE. AIRE is proud to help and we hope you are too!

Pearson Garden is one of 16 community gardens in the network, which includes the Burton Street Community Peace Garden, where solar is also happening, even beyond the garden gate.

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