Walking the Renewable Energy Talk: The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Practically Walk on Water

Our friend and colleague, Adam Thada, up in Plymouth, Indiana sent us a photo yesterday of their latest “walk.” I’m talking about the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and their Center at Donaldson campus. They’ve done so much, in fact, more that just about any institution I know to live by their words. See our

Cutting Edge Energy Demonstration: The Center at Donaldson Does It Again

I’ve posted many times on the effort of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ at the Center at Donaldson to live their beliefs in integral ecology. Their renewable energy development agenda the past couple years is an institutional model that demonstrates how significant progress can be made with committed leadership (and here) all coordinated by

Exponential Growth: keeps us going and keeps us up at night

Exponential growth can be good or bad, in other words, something can grow in either direction. I’ll get to that in a minute. Coronavirus is absolutely an example we’re all trying to wrap our minds around now, so we better understand EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!!!! But this also applies to other relevant topics in our renewable energy

Ancilla College: Showing the Way in Solar and Electric Vehicle Adoption

With an enrollment of 550 students, Ancilla College may just have more solar per student than any other college. I haven’t actually verified that because my point isn’t quantitative. Rather, it’s qualitative. It’s about doing what is necessary and what is urgent. DOING. It’s about doing what our youth know that we must and that’s

On the EV road: all plugged in and … “network error” (another tale from the EV trail)

I’ve said in previous posts that traveling in an EV can be framed as an intentional adventure, uneventful and successful trip one charge from home, and in some cases “back side of the moon.”I throw in the nightmare stories just because there’s one thing at AIRE we’ve never been shy about and that’s telling the

EV charging in the wild, wild [south?]: culture and conflict at the electron pump

I recently posted a piece about the experiences my wife and I have had as EV newbies. (And here too.) The piece mapped out in some detail one single experience with EV charging while traveling. In particular, I listed one variable you have to contend with as an EV driver, especially when “Plan B” recharging

EV Moonshot Part 2: What we’ve learned driving our Nissan Leaf (around the dark side of the moon)

Making a commitment to drive an EV involves a pretty serious paradigm shift. Universal EV adoption is a critical step toward decarbonizing transportation, so long as we’re driving on renewable energy (not coal, natural gas, etc.). Driving an EV to get around town is a no-brainer; you can charge at home or at work and