EV charging in the wild, wild [south?]: culture and conflict at the electron pump

I recently posted a piece about the experiences my wife and I have had as EV newbies. (And here too.) The piece mapped out in some detail one single experience with EV charging while traveling. In particular, I listed one variable you have to contend with as an EV driver, especially when “Plan B” recharging options aren’t available. That variable is ICEing (where the EV charger is blocked by an internal combustion engine vehicle). I’ve heard about various shades of indifference at some locations and I know not to rely on such locations.

But here’s something crazy that speaks to the clash of mindsets in this period of energy transition. This story isn’t just about being ICE’d out by shear blindness, opportunism, or indifference. No, this is a form of ICEing that is beyond intentional. Read the story from E&E News here.

Screenshot from the E&E News piece.

Teaser lines quoted from the piece to give you the flavor-

“I’ve never had a supercharging experience like this one,” said the Tesla Model 3 driver.

“These trucks blocked all the chargers, chanted ‘F’ Tesla, and were kicked out by a Sheetz employee.” (Sheetz is a gas station/convenience store chain with really good locations for EV drivers.)

We’ve got a lot of work to do to transform the energy system as it relates to ground transportation, but that’s happening….. Quickly. Just imagine, you can make your own vehicle “fuel” at home, especially if you’re willing/able to install solar panels. Hard to make gasoline at home. Moreover, the EV is going to be a critical electricity storage unit in the new, transformed energy system. But if system transformation technically is coming, transforming mindsets and consciousness is another matter. Energy also involves social systems. Hopefully both evolve for the better, and fast. Until then, in the immortal words of John Prine- “it’s a big old goofy world….”

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