Cutting Edge Energy Demonstration: The Center at Donaldson Does It Again

I’ve posted many times on the effort of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ at the Center at Donaldson to live their beliefs in integral ecology. Their renewable energy development agenda the past couple years is an institutional model that demonstrates how significant progress can be made with committed leadership (and here) all coordinated by Adam Thada’s steady hand and socio-technical grounding. They’ve installed lots of solar on campus, a wind turbine, and many conservation practices that confirm their values align with actual behavior. I wrote about experimentation as a guiding principle in February 2019. Well, today they’ve taken an actual step farther in their experiment with micro-grids with the introduction of “vehicle to grid” (“V2G”) power. Think about it– what a game changer to not only drive your electric vehicle on sunshine, but also to use your car’s battery to store sun power for use in your home later.

In these times of rapid-fire distractions and crises of national and global and local consequence, it’s reassuring to know that good work carries on, building with each new step.

Here’s the press release.

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